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Year 96 Playoff Pitching Leaders (before games of day 3-7)

Run Average / SP
1.St T Aquinas (VAT)1.00
2.K Bryant (BAL)2.16
3.Big Boi (LAL)2.45
4.B Eilish (SEA)3.00
5.E Baylor (BAL)3.18
6.N Nixon (BAL)4.24
7.Jay-Z (CPT)4.33
8.Ashildr (VAT)5.14
9.N Vulvokov (LAL)7.50
10.Lizzo (SEA)9.64
Run Average / RP
1.The Silence (SEA)0.00 (3.0)
R Hendricks (LAL)0.00 (2.2)
3.Bree (PAD)1.42
4.Feather (VAT)2.08
5.MCA (CPT)2.25
Michelangelo (VAT)2.25
7.BJ Armstrong Jr (BAL)3.00
8.Ludacris (CPT)4.05
9.Mike D (CPT)4.09
10.Kanye (CPT)4.40
1.Jay-Z (CPT)3
2.E Baylor (BAL)2
N Nixon (BAL)2
K Bryant (BAL)2
St T Aquinas (VAT)2
Kanye (CPT)2
7.6 with1
Win-Loss %
1.K Bryant (BAL)1.000 (2)
J Johansson (LAL)1.000 (1)
3.Jay-Z (CPT)0.750
4.E Baylor (BAL)0.667
N Nixon (BAL)0.667
St T Aquinas (VAT)0.667
Kanye (CPT)0.667
8.5 with0.500
Win Probability Added
1.E Baylor (BAL)0.755
2.St T Aquinas (VAT)0.751
3.K Bryant (BAL)0.548
4.MCA (CPT)0.407
5.Feather (VAT)0.268
6.R Hendricks (LAL)0.220
7.Ad-Rock (CPT)0.182
8.Bree (PAD)0.164
9.Big Boi (LAL)0.139
10.2 with0.085
Win Shares
1.E Baylor (BAL)1.33
2.St T Aquinas (VAT)1.17
3.N Nixon (BAL)1.14
4.Jay-Z (CPT)1.09
5.K Bryant (BAL)0.87
6.Kanye (CPT)0.85
7.D Fisher (BAL)0.80
8.M Bean (CPT)0.79
9.Ashildr (VAT)0.54
10.2 with0.46
Support-Neutral Wins
1.E Baylor (BAL)1.93
2.St T Aquinas (VAT)1.72
3.Jay-Z (CPT)1.62
4.N Nixon (BAL)1.58
5.K Bryant (BAL)1.52
6.Ad-Rock (CPT)1.05
7.Big Boi (LAL)0.74
8.Ashildr (VAT)0.73
9.M Bean (CPT)0.59
10.B Eilish (SEA)0.43
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.St T Aquinas (VAT)0.66
2.E Baylor (BAL)0.60
3.K Bryant (BAL)0.57
4.Big Boi (LAL)0.19
5.N Nixon (BAL)0.14
6.Ad-Rock (CPT)0.09
7.D Winston (VAT)0.07
B Eilish (SEA)0.07
9.30 with0.00
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.St T Aquinas (VAT)5.5
2.Jay-Z (CPT)3.6
3.E Baylor (BAL)3.5
4.K Bryant (BAL)3.2
5.N Nixon (BAL)3.0
6.Big Boi (LAL)2.3
Kanye (CPT)2.3
8.The Silence (SEA)1.4
9.D Fisher (BAL)1.2
10.Feather (VAT)0.8
1.Bree (PAD)0.47
2.St T Aquinas (VAT)0.56
3.B Eilish (SEA)0.83
4.K Bryant (BAL)0.84
5.E Baylor (BAL)0.92
6.Jay-Z (CPT)1.07
7.N Nixon (BAL)1.16
8.Big Boi (LAL)1.18
9.G Joe (PAD)1.25
10.Ashildr (VAT)1.29
Hits per 9 IP
1.Bree (PAD)2.84
2.St T Aquinas (VAT)3.50
3.G Joe (PAD)4.50
4.K Bryant (BAL)5.40
5.B Eilish (SEA)6.00
6.Jay-Z (CPT)7.33
7.Big Boi (LAL)7.36
8.Ashildr (VAT)7.71
9.E Baylor (BAL)7.94
10.N Nixon (BAL)8.87
Walks per 9 IP
1.L Pevensie (PAD)0.00
2.E Baylor (BAL)0.32
3.Bree (PAD)1.42
4.St T Aquinas (VAT)1.50
B Eilish (SEA)1.50
6.N Nixon (BAL)1.54
7.Emrakul (SEA)1.80
8.Lizzo (SEA)1.93
9.K Bryant (BAL)2.16
10.Jay-Z (CPT)2.33
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.G Joe (PAD)9.00
Big Boi (LAL)9.00
3.St T Aquinas (VAT)7.50
4.Ashildr (VAT)7.07
5.Jay-Z (CPT)7.00
6.L Pevensie (PAD)6.75
7.E Baylor (BAL)6.35
8.N Nixon (BAL)5.79
9.Feather (VAT)5.14
10.Mike D (CPT)5.00
OPS Against
1.Bree (PAD)0.374
2.St T Aquinas (VAT)0.381
3.G Joe (PAD)0.500
4.K Bryant (BAL)0.514
5.Big Boi (LAL)0.533
6.Jay-Z (CPT)0.661
7.N Nixon (BAL)0.673
8.E Baylor (BAL)0.674
9.B Eilish (SEA)0.703
10.Ashildr (VAT)0.726
1.Bree (PAD)9.2
2.B Eilish (SEA)9.8
3.E Baylor (BAL)10.3
4.St T Aquinas (VAT)11.3
5.Emrakul (SEA)11.6
6.N Nixon (BAL)11.7
7.Lizzo (SEA)12.2
8.K Bryant (BAL)12.5
9.Jay-Z (CPT)12.6
10.Big Boi (LAL)12.9
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.Jay-Z (CPT)0.33
2.St T Aquinas (VAT)0.50
3.E Baylor (BAL)0.64
4.Bree (PAD)1.42
5.K Bryant (BAL)2.16
6.G Joe (PAD)2.25
7.N Nixon (BAL)2.31
8.N Vulvokov (LAL)3.00
9.Big Boi (LAL)3.27
10.2 with3.86
1.L Alcindor (BAL)7
Mike D (CPT)7
Kanye (CPT)7
5.D Fisher (BAL)6
Jay-Z (CPT)6
7.Ludacris (CPT)5
J Worthy (BAL)5
Pusha T (CPT)5
10.6 with4
1.L Alcindor (BAL)4
2.MCA (CPT)2
3.Socrates (VAT)1
Feather (VAT)1
Michelangelo (VAT)1
Pusha T (CPT)1
R Hendricks (LAL)1
Innings Pitched
1.E Baylor (BAL)28.1
2.Jay-Z (CPT)27.0
3.N Nixon (BAL)23.1
4.St T Aquinas (VAT)18.0
5.M Bean (CPT)17.1
6.Ad-Rock (CPT)16.2
K Bryant (BAL)16.2
8.Kanye (CPT)14.1
9.Ashildr (VAT)14.0
10.2 with11.0
1.Jay-Z (CPT)21
2.E Baylor (BAL)20
3.N Nixon (BAL)15
St T Aquinas (VAT)15
5.Ashildr (VAT)11
Big Boi (LAL)11
7.Mike D (CPT)10
8.M Bean (CPT)9
9.D Fisher (BAL)8
K Bryant (BAL)8
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.L Pevensie (PAD)99.99
2.E Baylor (BAL)20.00
3.St T Aquinas (VAT)5.00
4.N Nixon (BAL)3.75
5.Jay-Z (CPT)3.00
6.Big Boi (LAL)2.75
7.K Bryant (BAL)2.00
Emrakul (SEA)2.00
Bree (PAD)2.00
B Eilish (SEA)2.00
HR per 9 IP
1.Big Boi (LAL)0.00 (11.0)
G Joe (PAD)0.00 (4.0)
3.St T Aquinas (VAT)0.50
4.K Bryant (BAL)0.54
5.N Nixon (BAL)1.16
6.Ashildr (VAT)1.29
7.Jay-Z (CPT)1.33
8.Bree (PAD)1.42
9.N Vulvokov (LAL)1.50
B Eilish (SEA)1.50
1.D Fisher (BAL)2
Michelangelo (VAT)2
Pusha T (CPT)2
Kanye (CPT)2
T Selanne (LAL)2
7.7 with1
Reliever %
1.MCA (CPT)1.000 (4)
Michelangelo (VAT)1.000 (3)
Pusha T (CPT)1.000 (3)
Feather (VAT)1.000 (2)
T Selanne (LAL)1.000 (2)
R Hendricks (LAL)1.000 (1)
7.L Alcindor (BAL)0.800
8.D Fisher (BAL)0.667
Kanye (CPT)0.667
10.7 with0.500

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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