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Captains of Industry Schedule and Results

1SeattleW, 5-4 (10)boxloggraphreplayE ArdenG Bear FAO Schwarz38,122
2SeattleW, 6-4 (10)boxloggraphreplayA JungL Loeb RW Sears40,500
3at BrusselsW, 8-3boxloggraphreplayAP SloanK Karl XV B Burns29,389
4at BrusselsW, 5-3boxloggraphreplayR MorgensternMD HigginsE ArdenW Wright23,846
5at PittsburghW, 5-3boxloggraphreplayAP SloanC HiltonE ArdenN Tesla31,243
6at PittsburghL, 1-2boxloggraphreplayK SozeR MorgensternJ TorranceE Spengler25,185
7at PittsburghL, 3-9boxloggraphreplayH LecterA Szabo J Haldeman35,291
8at PittsburghL, 6-7boxloggraphreplayC HiltonWm. Wrigley Jr.J TorranceL Litzke39,426
9at Las VegasW, 3-2boxloggraphreplayE ArdenG AllredA JungO Wright44,499
10at Las VegasW, 8-6boxloggraphreplayWm. Wrigley Jr.ED-209E ArdenHJ Kaiser43,264
11at TerraL, 7-10boxloggraphreplayJ StewartA SzaboH ClementA Mortalli26,060
12at TerraL, 0-2boxloggraphreplayTintorettoAP SloanG BurnsG Anni-Padda30,483
13KratovoW, 3-0boxloggraphreplayR MorgensternR Zamora HJ Kaiser25,296
14KratovoW, 5-0boxloggraphreplayR MorgensternW Zeman F Weyerhauser37,732
15BroadwayL, 0-9boxloggraphreplayM McAleeseAP Sloan G Blacksmith42,703
16BroadwayW, 6-4boxloggraphreplayA CoorsF SchillerE ArdenW Reuther38,081
17BroadwayL, 0-2boxloggraphreplayM McAleeseR MorgensternA PushkinLeonidas39,330
18BroadwayW, 8-0boxloggraphreplayAP SloanM McAleese RW Sears37,781
19at StamfordL, 2-8boxloggraphreplayR FlairR Morgenstern S Keibler43,267
20at StamfordW, 4-3boxloggraphreplayA CoorsS AustinA JungF Weyerhauser44,711
21at StamfordW, 3-1boxloggraphreplayAP SloanR FlairWm. Wrigley Jr.R Kroc35,143
22at BroadwayL, 2-9boxloggraphreplayV HugoR Morgenstern N Simon45,510
23at BroadwayL, 0-7boxloggraphreplayM McAleeseR Morgenstern H Pinter52,555
24at BroadwayW, 9-7boxloggraphreplayAP SloanRB GinsburgE ArdenRW Sears47,515
25at San JoseL, 5-21boxloggraphreplaySchalaR Morgenstern Umaro34,806
26at San JoseW, 4-2boxloggraphreplayR MorgensternYoshiWm. Wrigley Jr.W Wright41,415
27HalicarnassusL, 7-8boxloggraphreplayS HarveyWm. Wrigley Jr.L AllenJ Chen37,015
28HalicarnassusL, 6-15boxloggraphreplayCasperR Morgenstern C Harrison30,907
29Los AngelesW, 3-1boxloggraphreplayA CoorsMorkA JungN Tesla19,294
30Los AngelesW, 7-3boxloggraphreplayWm. Wrigley Jr.F Frankfurter RW Sears33,332
31at BrooklynW, 5-4boxloggraphreplayR MorgensternR GarrettE ArdenRW Sears34,216
32at BrooklynW, 11-3boxloggraphreplayA CoorsR Maspoli N Tesla28,633
33at BrooklynL, 2-3 (11)boxloggraphreplayR SheckleyE Arden J Vinge23,125
34at BrooklynW, 12-7boxloggraphreplayR MorgensternR Sheckley J Kaczynski26,982
35at StockholmL, 2-3boxloggraphreplayT DischA CoorsWB YeatsC Golgi37,045
36at StockholmW, 9-1boxloggraphreplayK Frederik IXJ Nash B Burns38,275
37MilanW, 2-1 (16)boxloggraphreplayJ HoffaD Richards J Kaczynski43,957
38MilanL, 1-2boxloggraphreplayC SchifferWm. Wrigley Jr.E MacphersonD Lloyd45,764
39Dodge CityW, 4-0boxloggraphreplayA CoorsGD CharlotteE ArdenW Reuther36,429
40Dodge CityW, 6-5boxloggraphreplayE ArdenR Kardashian N Tesla44,686
41PittsburghW, 8-4boxloggraphreplayK Frederik IXK Soze R Kroc48,929
42PittsburghW, 7-3boxloggraphreplayA CoorsC Hilton RW Sears50,598
43PittsburghW, 2-0boxloggraphreplayR MorgensternH LecterE ArdenRW Sears52,649
44BrooklynW, 3-1boxloggraphreplayK Frederik IXM AtwoodE ArdenHJ Kaiser46,521
45BrooklynL, 4-8 (11)boxloggraphreplayOS CardWm. Wrigley Jr. P Smellinckx46,554
46BrooklynL, 2-3boxloggraphreplayC DelanyE ArdenR SheckleyD Brin47,553
47StamfordW, 4-1boxloggraphreplayK Frederik IXR FlairE ArdenRW Sears41,514
48StamfordL, 3-4boxloggraphreplayS AustinR MorgensternBatataisA Johnson44,330
49StamfordL, 5-10boxloggraphreplayR FlairA Coors H Jones Jr41,014
50StamfordL, 1-9boxloggraphreplayL NivenK Frederik IX The Rock38,596
1-1at BroadwayW, 5-1boxloggraphreplayR MorgensternM McAleese W Disney
1-2at BroadwayL, 3-8boxloggraphreplayV HugoK Frederik IX D Fo
1-3BroadwayL, 2-6boxloggraphreplayM McAleeseA Coors W Inge
1-4BroadwayL, 4-6boxloggraphreplayF SchillerA JungJ FletcherWK Kellogg
1-5BroadwayL, 0-3boxloggraphreplayRB GinsburgK Frederik IXA PushkinWK Kellogg