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Year 16 Pitching Leaders (before games of day 51)

Run Average
1.Yoshi (SJS)2.16
2.D Richards (MIL)2.40
3.R Flair (STA)2.43
4.M Teresa (STO)2.76
5.M McAleese (TER)2.80
6.GD Charlotte (DOD)2.95
7.Fall-From-Grace (DOD)2.97
8.H Lecter (PIT)3.00
9.R Maspoli (KRA)3.25
10.B Fawlty (LAL)3.30
1.R Flair (STA)12
2.T Disch (BKL)11
3.Rydia (SEA)10
4.M Teresa (STO)9
AP Sloan (IND)9
J Grumby (LVG)9
RB Ginsburg (DOD)9
GD Charlotte (DOD)9
9.3 with8
Win-Loss %
1.GD Charlotte (DOD)0.900
2.J Grumby (LVG)0.818
3.Rydia (SEA)0.769
4.M Teresa (STO)0.750
5.T Disch (BKL)0.733
6.R Flair (STA)0.706
7.H Lecter (PIT)0.700
8.RB Ginsburg (DOD)0.692
9.4 with0.667
Win Probability Added
1.R Flair (STA)2.986
2.Yoshi (SJS)2.897
3.M Teresa (STO)2.801
4.M McAleese (TER)2.145
5.Batatais (STA)1.738
6.A Jung (IND)1.718
7.D Richards (MIL)1.678
8.B Hartley (LAL)1.641
9.Fall-From-Grace (DOD)1.515
10.A Dershowitz (DOD)1.437
Win Shares
1.R Flair (STA)6.02
2.Yoshi (SJS)5.05
3.M McAleese (TER)4.89
4.RB Ginsburg (DOD)4.79
5.M Teresa (STO)4.37
6.Rydia (SEA)4.22
7.C Hilton (BKL)3.99
8.H Lecter (PIT)3.49
Terra (SJS)3.49
10.2 with3.31
Support-Neutral Wins
1.M McAleese (TER)10.21
2.R Flair (STA)10.20
3.Yoshi (SJS)8.85
4.M Teresa (STO)8.48
5.H Lecter (PIT)8.25
6.Rydia (SEA)7.83
7.T Disch (BKL)7.57
8.AP Sloan (IND)7.55
9.C Hilton (BKL)7.51
10.RB Ginsburg (DOD)7.50
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.R Flair (STA)2.81
2.Yoshi (SJS)2.65
3.M McAleese (TER)2.53
4.D Richards (MIL)2.10
5.M Teresa (STO)1.96
6.H Lecter (PIT)1.59
7.J Grumby (LVG)1.28
8.Fall-From-Grace (DOD)1.25
9.Rydia (SEA)1.10
10.RB Ginsburg (DOD)1.09
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.M McAleese (TER)24.6
2.Yoshi (SJS)21.2
3.R Flair (STA)20.8
4.M Teresa (STO)20.6
5.RB Ginsburg (DOD)16.1
6.C Hilton (BKL)12.7
7.D Richards (MIL)12.0
8.GD Charlotte (DOD)11.3
9.J Grumby (LVG)8.2
10.Terra (SJS)7.9
1.M McAleese (TER)0.70
2.M Teresa (STO)0.76
3.Yoshi (SJS)0.81
4.Rydia (SEA)1.00
5.R Flair (STA)1.03
6.GD Charlotte (DOD)1.04
7.D Richards (MIL)1.06
8.T Disch (BKL)1.07
9.J Grumby (LVG)1.08
Terra (SJS)1.08
Hits per 9 IP
1.JD Ripper (PIT)5.55
2.M McAleese (TER)5.60
3.Yoshi (SJS)5.69
4.M Teresa (STO)6.29
5.J Grumby (LVG)6.41
6.J Stewart (TER)6.65
7.AP Sloan (IND)6.70
8.T Disch (BKL)6.75
9.R Maspoli (KRA)6.90
10.D Richards (MIL)7.21
Walks per 9 IP
1.Rydia (SEA)0.37
2.R Morgenstern (LAL)0.43
3.M Teresa (STO)0.54
4.R Cunningham (SEA)0.70
5.M McAleese (TER)0.72
6.V Hugo (BWY)1.19
7.C Hilton (BKL)1.26
8.ET Moneta (STO)1.42
9.R Flair (STA)1.49
10.GD Charlotte (DOD)1.53
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.J Roberts (STA)9.30
2.GD Charlotte (DOD)8.97
3.D Seuss (IND)8.21
4.RB Ginsburg (DOD)8.14
5.J Stewart (TER)8.00
6.ET Moneta (STO)7.82
7.Fall-From-Grace (DOD)7.52
8.SR Leonard (HOL)7.30
9.R Morgenstern (LAL)7.29
10.RA Lafferty (BRU)6.96
OPS Against
1.Yoshi (SJS)0.527
2.M McAleese (TER)0.528
3.M Teresa (STO)0.539
4.D Richards (MIL)0.576
5.J Grumby (LVG)0.581
6.GD Charlotte (DOD)0.597
7.R Flair (STA)0.598
8.H Lecter (PIT)0.651
9.Fall-From-Grace (DOD)0.653
10.RB Ginsburg (DOD)0.661
1.R Cunningham (SEA)10.1
2.Rydia (SEA)10.2
3.R Flair (STA)10.3
4.M Teresa (STO)10.5
5.M McAleese (TER)10.7
6.Yoshi (SJS)10.9
7.V Hugo (BWY)11.4
R Morgenstern (LAL)11.4
9.G Bundchen (MIL)11.6
10.GD Charlotte (DOD)11.8
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.T Disch (BKL)0.40
2.M McAleese (TER)0.46
3.J Stewart (TER)0.48
4.D Brunson (LVG)0.55
5.R Maspoli (KRA)0.69
6.M Teresa (STO)0.84
7.H Lecter (PIT)1.03
8.Schala (SJS)1.22
9.JD Ripper (PIT)1.28
10.R Flair (STA)1.35
1.L Kaczynski (BKL)32
2.K Leopold I (BRU)30
A Dershowitz (DOD)30
4.E Ballabio (KRA)29
C Schiffer (MIL)29
A Pushkin (BWY)29
TS Eliot (STO)29
8.JW Marriott (KRA)28
L Loeb (SEA)28
10.4 with27
1.A Dershowitz (DOD)10
2.L Kaczynski (BKL)9
TS Eliot (STO)9
4.K Gordon (SEA)8
5.G Abela (PIT)6
P Samuelson (STO)6
J Lange (HOL)6
8.5 with5
Innings Pitched
1.M McAleese (TER)138.1
2.R Flair (STA)133.1
3.AP Sloan (IND)123.2
4.Rydia (SEA)122.2
5.G Bundchen (MIL)121.0
6.M Teresa (STO)117.1
7.RB Ginsburg (DOD)115.0
8.C Hilton (BKL)114.2
9.H Lecter (PIT)114.0
10.3 with113.1
1.M McAleese (TER)106
2.RB Ginsburg (DOD)104
3.J Roberts (STA)103
4.Rydia (SEA)89
5.GD Charlotte (DOD)88
6.SR Leonard (HOL)86
7.R Morgenstern (LAL)84
8.D Seuss (IND)83
J Stewart (TER)83
10.Fall-From-Grace (DOD)81
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.Rydia (SEA)17.80
2.R Morgenstern (LAL)16.80
3.M Teresa (STO)10.71
4.M McAleese (TER)9.64
5.R Cunningham (SEA)6.57
6.GD Charlotte (DOD)5.87
7.ET Moneta (STO)5.50
8.J Roberts (STA)5.42
9.C Hilton (BKL)5.00
10.Yoshi (SJS)3.90
HR per 9 IP
1.J Nash (STO)0.36
2.R Flair (STA)0.47
3.D Richards (MIL)0.48
4.GD Charlotte (DOD)0.71
5.V Hugo (BWY)0.79
6.Yoshi (SJS)0.80
7.J Grumby (LVG)0.81
8.Fall-From-Grace (DOD)0.84
9.K Soze (PIT)0.86
10.ET Moneta (STO)0.91
1.E Lauder (DOD)11
2.M Factor (IND)9
JW Marriott (KRA)9
4.A Dershowitz (DOD)8
B Brecht (KRA-BKL)8
L Loeb (SEA)8
G Steele (STA)8
8.6 with7
Reliever %
1.M Factor (IND)1.000 (10)
N Pumpido (IND)1.000 (10)
J Henson (LVG)1.000 (10)
F Flav (HOL)1.000 (9)
5.A Larter (PIT)0.917
G Steele (STA)0.917
7.E Ballabio (KRA)0.900
8.J Cochran (DOD)0.889
X (SJS)0.889
10.2 with0.867

Minimum 1.5 innings pitched per team game needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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