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Year 128 Batting Losers (before games of day 3-5)

1.D Thompson (BAL)0.147
2.K Nagashi (WOT)0.155
3.N Drew (PAD)0.166
4.Halsin (MTG)0.169
5.G Moroso (WOT)0.174
6.S Twin (MTG)0.179
7.H the Spy (PAD)0.188
8.John IX (VAT)0.189
9.E Longoria (MIL)0.192
10.Benedict III (VAT)0.193
On-Base %
1.G Moroso (WOT)0.195
2.S Twin (MTG)0.224
3.N Drew (PAD)0.232
4.LT Lettuce (CPT)0.233
5.John IX (VAT)0.236
6.H the Spy (PAD)0.239
E Longoria (MIL)0.239
8.M Dewey (PAD)0.245
9.D Issel (BAL)0.246
10.2 with0.247
Slugging %
1.D Thompson (BAL)0.212
2.K Nagashi (WOT)0.218
3.N Drew (PAD)0.234
4.Benedict III (VAT)0.260
5.S Ibaka (BAL)0.265
6.H the Spy (PAD)0.267
7.Agrippa 2 (STR)0.272
8.Bo Jones (BAL)0.281
9.S Twin (MTG)0.283
10.G Moroso (WOT)0.284
1.D Thompson (BAL)0.461
2.N Drew (PAD)0.466
3.K Nagashi (WOT)0.477
4.G Moroso (WOT)0.479
5.H the Spy (PAD)0.506
6.S Twin (MTG)0.507
7.S Ibaka (BAL)0.517
8.Bo Jones (BAL)0.535
9.E Longoria (MIL)0.550
10.Benedict III (VAT)0.557
Win Probability Added
1.G Moroso (WOT)-2.300
2.S Twin (MTG)-1.921
3.H the Spy (PAD)-1.821
4.S Ibaka (BAL)-1.750
5.P Petri (APX)-1.682
6.Bo Jones (BAL)-1.631
7.N Drew (PAD)-1.604
8.John IX (VAT)-1.569
9.Al Botez (CPT)-1.553
10.R Darksbane (WOT)-1.538
Loss Shares
1.LT Lettuce (CPT)4.46
2.N Drew (PAD)3.35
3.H the Spy (PAD)3.06
4.C Sly (CPT)2.89
5.Beard Meats Food (INT)2.83
6.Ardoz (MTG)2.70
7.O Robertson (BAL)2.61
8.J Springsteen (LPM)2.58
9.G Pisano (APX)2.56
10.Al Botez (CPT)2.51
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.N Drew (PAD)-18.0
2.G Moroso (WOT)-15.4
3.D Thompson (BAL)-14.8
4.Menecrates (STR)-13.7
5.Al Botez (CPT)-13.5
6.Bo Jones (BAL)-13.4
7.H the Spy (PAD)-13.0
S Twin (MTG)-13.0
9.K Nagashi (WOT)-12.8
10.E Jobs (MIL)-12.5
Runs Above Position
1.LT Lettuce (CPT)-28.8
2.N Drew (PAD)-19.5
3.C Sly (CPT)-17.0
4.H the Spy (PAD)-16.3
5.H Dailey (VAT)-15.7
6.G Pisano (APX)-14.6
7.Menecrates (STR)-14.4
8.O Robertson (BAL)-14.3
9.Al Botez (CPT)-14.1
10.E Sterkenburg (LPM)-13.5
1.Raffine (KRA)1.83
2.Deathborn (CAM)2.34
3.Raphinha (MTG)2.43
4.B O'Conner (CAM)2.49
5.M Mora (MIL)2.58
6.St Gregory II (MCA)2.60
7.M Dewey (PAD)2.62
8.JP Joule (LIS)2.67
9.C Banana (WOT)2.68
10.O Julius (CAM)2.71
Outs Made
1.J Summer (CAM)169
2.A Iniesta (KRA)165
3.P Petri (APX)157
4.N Drew (PAD)154
5.Mr Brooks (LPM)153
6.Deathborn (CAM)151
C Doppler (LIS)151
8.D Thompson (BAL)150
9.3 with148
1.Xander (APX)9
R Sterling (LPM)9
3.G Moroso (WOT)8
Roddy R (ARK)8
Son HM (KRA)8
J Gourley (LPM)8
D Enobarbus (STR)8
L Gehrig (LIS)8
9.16 with7
1.B Slocombe (KRA)51
2.P Valentine (VAT)49
3.Mr Brooks (LPM)47
4.H the Spy (PAD)46
5.JJ McCullough (INT)45
Proculeius (STR)45
Ogion (PAD)45
8.A Perry (LIS)44
P Petri (APX)44
10.D Law (KRA)43
Caught Stealing
1.K Mbappe (KRA)15
2.Deathborn (CAM)8
3.Va Williams (MIL)7
C Banana (WOT)7
5.J Summer (CAM)6
B O'Conner (CAM)6
7.5 with5
Avg on Balls in Play
1.D Thompson (BAL)0.159
2.G Moroso (WOT)0.173
3.Halsin (MTG)0.175
4.S Twin (MTG)0.184
5.K Nagashi (WOT)0.193
N Drew (PAD)0.193
7.BS Pierce (LAL)0.204
8.Tintin (PAD)0.205
9.Rand (WOT)0.206
10.M Mora (MIL)0.209

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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