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Year 122 Playoff Fielding Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Hermodorus (APX)2.8
2.Yt Sylvander (LAL)2.2
3.Yn Sylvander (LAL)1.8
R Kent (LAL)1.8
5.J Teagues (LAL)1.2
6.J Owens (LPM)1.1
7.Isidore (APX)0.9
8.4 with0.8
GB Zone Rating
1.Isidore (APX)1.000 (7)
D Toretto (TOK)1.000 (4)
3.H Ingebrigtsen (LPM)0.812
4.C Money (LAL)0.808
5.Yn Sylvander (LAL)0.800
Cabbarus (PAD)0.800
7.R Kent (LAL)0.783
8.Diotisalvi (APX)0.778
9.W Rotcleaver (MTG)0.765
10.E Hight (LPM)0.750
FB Zone Rating
1.Hermodorus (APX)1.000 (21)
Yt Sylvander (LAL)1.000 (15)
Giotto (APX)1.000 (14)
Libon (APX)1.000 (13)
Tm Smith (LPM)1.000 (9)
Oin (PAD)1.000 (3)
K Nash (PAD)1.000 (2)
8.Xander (MTG)0.969
9.J Owens (LPM)0.955
10.Eloise (MTG)0.941
LD Zone Rating
1.S Boswell (TOK)1.000
2.A Callingbull (TOK)0.667
3.F Clinton (TOK)0.500
A Bedelia (PAD)0.500
Swimmy (PAD)0.500
She-Hulk (LAL)0.500
7.5 with0.400
Runner Advance %
1.K Nash (PAD)0.000 (4)
F Fflam (PAD)0.000 (2)
3.Hermodorus (APX)0.111
4.Yt Sylvander (LAL)0.125
5.C Kim (LPM)0.133
6.Tm Smith (LPM)0.200
B Slocombe (LAL)0.200
8.GothamChess (MTG)0.211
9.Eloise (MTG)0.231
10.4 with0.250
OF Assists
1.Yt Sylvander (LAL)2
She-Hulk (LAL)2
3.8 with1
C Caught Stealing %
1.K Musgraves (LPM)0.333 (3)
S Dean (LAL)0.333 (3)
3.Greasefang (MTG)0.176
4.The Elder One (APX)0.167
C Stolen Bases/Game
1.B Bowen (PAD)0.00
2.S Dean (LAL)0.22
3.K Musgraves (LPM)0.40
4.O Julius (TOK)0.50
5.The Elder One (APX)0.83
C Wild Pitches/Game
1.S Dean (LAL)0.00 (9)
K Musgraves (LPM)0.00 (5)
B Bowen (PAD)0.00 (2)
O Julius (TOK)0.00 (2)
5.Greasefang (MTG)0.20
C Defensive Runs Above Position
1.K Musgraves (LPM)0.3
S Dean (LAL)0.3
3.B Bowen (PAD)0.1
4.O Julius (TOK)-0.1
5.The Elder One (APX)-1.1
1B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.IM Pei (APX)0.2
2.A Bedelia (PAD)0.1
3.R Chip (MTG)-0.3
Bout d'chou (LAL)-0.3
5.BB Wolf (TOK)-0.8
2B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.C Money (LAL)0.8
2.H Ingebrigtsen (LPM)0.6
3.D Toretto (TOK)0.5
4.Diotisalvi (APX)0.1
5.E Hight (LPM)0.0
3B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Yn Sylvander (LAL)1.8
2.A Callingbull (TOK)0.6
3.D Good (PAD)-0.3
4.P d'Agincourt (APX)-0.5
5.A Tanaka (MTG)-0.9
SS Defensive Runs Above Position
1.R Kent (LAL)1.8
2.Cabbarus (PAD)0.8
3.Deathborn (TOK)-0.7
Optimus (MTG)-0.7
5.J Ingebrigtsen (LPM)-0.9
LF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Yt Sylvander (LAL)2.2
2.Tm Smith (LPM)-0.1
3.Giotto (APX)-0.2
4.Eloise (MTG)-0.9
5.2 with-1.2
CF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Hermodorus (APX)2.8
2.J Owens (LPM)1.1
3.She-Hulk (LAL)0.7
4.S Boswell (TOK)0.4
5.K Bush (PAD)-1.0
RF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Libon (APX)0.8
F Fflam (PAD)0.8
3.K Nash (PAD)0.2
4.GothamChess (MTG)-0.1
5.H Lue (TOK)-0.6

Minimum 1/2 of team games needed to qualify at a position

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