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Year 119 Fielding Losers (before games of day 3-9)

Defensive Runs Above Position
1.B Adebayo (BAL)-15.1
2.A Simonton (MIL)-11.8
3.Po Stone (ARK)-9.5
GWG Ferris Jr. (LIS)-9.5
5.D Do'Urden (MTG)-8.7
6.T Goldsmith (KRA)-8.5
Chilly Willy (LPM)-8.5
8.T Quandrix (MTG)-7.8
9.T Scott (INT)-6.9
10.J Butler (BAL)-6.3
GB Zone Rating
1.D Bootle (SJS)0.540
2.J Mercer (TAT)0.571
3.P Malachy (INT)0.574
4.Rambam (TAT)0.585
5.Batwoman (TAT)0.596
6.O Robertson (BAL)0.600
Not Just Bikes (INT)0.600
8.S Giertz (INT)0.613
9.Storm of Steel (ARK)0.622
10.2 with0.629
FB Zone Rating
1.GeorgeNotFound (INT)0.772
2.B Adebayo (BAL)0.829
3.K Sørland (MIL)0.841
4.Quackity (CPT)0.851
5.C Jacuzzi (LIS)0.857
6.Perumthachan (APX)0.864
Lurker in the Doom-laden Shadows (ARK)0.864
8.Yt Sylvander (LAL)0.871
Musket (PAD)0.871
10.C Caszely (VAT)0.882
LD Zone Rating
1.Po Stone (ARK)0.094
2.Paris (TAT)0.107
3.The Devil-dingo (ARK)0.125
4.A Simonton (MIL)0.146
5.Oin (PAD)0.148
6.K Warholm (LPM)0.154
7.Chilly Willy (LPM)0.167
8.K Bush (SEA)0.175
9.Damocles (LIS)0.179
10.P Pogba (SJS)0.185
Runner Advance %
1.T Quandrix (MTG)0.545
2.A Simonton (MIL)0.482
3.T Scott (INT)0.458
4.T Goldsmith (KRA)0.421
5.The All-Consuming Fog (ARK)0.385
6.Xander (MTG)0.375
7.Eloise (MTG)0.365
8.GWG Ferris Jr. (LIS)0.356
9.Libon (APX)0.350
10.K Warholm (LPM)0.337
C Caught Stealing %
1.M Mora (LAL)0.000
2.The One from the Sun Race (ARK)0.143
3.K Musgraves (SEA)0.154
4.C Boycott (LIS)0.222
5.Arcesius (APX)0.233
C Stolen Bases/Game
1.Arcesius (APX)1.35
2.T Granato (TOK)0.94
3.M Grudt (MIL)0.76
4.L Dickerson (KRA)0.50
5.K Musgraves (SEA)0.47
C Wild Pitches/Game
1.J Butler (BAL)0.68
2.T Granato (TOK)0.44
3.Xanathar (MTG)0.31
4.E Meyers Taylor (CPT)0.27
5.C Boycott (LIS)0.24
C Defensive Runs Above Position
1.J Butler (BAL)-6.3
2.T Granato (TOK)-2.8
3.Arcesius (APX)-0.9
4.C Boycott (LIS)-0.6
K Musgraves (SEA)-0.6
1B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.P Malachy (INT)-4.5
2.R Chip (MTG)-2.3
3.B Nader (MIL)-1.9
4.W Maximoff (LAL)-1.6
5.Menelaus (BAL)-1.1
2B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Chilly Willy (LPM)-8.5
2.Pytheos (APX)-3.1
3.The Doc (KRA)-2.7
4.B Rosenworcel (PAD)-1.1
5.M Musk (MIL)-0.8
3B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.O Robertson (BAL)-5.0
James (KRA)-5.0
3.Jm Tartt (CPT)-3.6
4.L Generals (SJS)-3.0
5.Moon Knight (TAT)-2.9
SS Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Po Stone (ARK)-9.5
2.GeorgeNotFound (INT)-6.1
3.Agrippa (APX)-5.0
4.A Boogie (CPT)-4.2
5.F Zamboni (LIS)-3.8
LF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.A Simonton (MIL)-11.8
2.Paris (TAT)-3.4
3.J Teagues (LAL)-3.3
4.Damocles (LIS)-3.2
5.Piet Keizer (KRA)-1.4
CF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.GWG Ferris Jr. (LIS)-9.5
2.D Do'Urden (MTG)-8.7
3.Yt Sylvander (LAL)-3.7
4.E Martinez (KRA)-3.6
5.21 Savage (CPT)-1.6
RF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.B Adebayo (BAL)-15.1
2.T Goldsmith (KRA)-8.5
3.T Scott (INT)-6.9
4.K Warholm (LPM)-5.1
5.Libon (APX)-4.3

Minimum 1/2 of team games needed to qualify at a position

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