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Year 111 Fielding Losers (before games of day 3-7)

Defensive Runs Above Position
1.D Do'Urden (MTG)-14.1
2.Sh White (LPM)-12.3
3.I Chesterton (LPM)-11.0
4.Ma Vieira (APX)-9.3
5.Iktinos (APX)-8.6
6.Vision (LAL)-8.5
7.T Quandrix (MTG)-8.3
8.F Noordhoff (MIL)-8.1
9.Agrippa (APX)-7.9
10.V Cunningham (LPM)-6.8
GB Zone Rating
1.Sh White (LPM)0.557
2.W Rotcleaver (MTG)0.562
M Hussey (SJS)0.562
4.liiias._ (INT)0.563
5.F Noordhoff (MIL)0.570
6.Eddie the Eagle (LAL)0.593
7.B Drew (PAD)0.631
8.Agrippa (APX)0.632
9.Ma Vieira (APX)0.633
10.TB Rider (TAT)0.639
FB Zone Rating
1.Vision (LAL)0.840
2.El-P (CPT)0.854
3.D Dunning (LIS)0.855
4.Iktinos (APX)0.858
A Agassi (LPM)0.858
6.Goldberg (TAT)0.870
7.SN Bose (LIS)0.873
8.Imhotep (APX)0.875
9.A Haim (SEA)0.877
10.M Mental (SJS)0.879
LD Zone Rating
1.A Haim (SEA)0.080
2.Goldberg (TAT)0.135
3.I Chesterton (LPM)0.147
4.Te Brands (LPM)0.157
5.G Eklund (SEA)0.172
6.V Didusenko (MIL)0.185
7.St Agapetus I (TAT)0.190
8.JiffPom (INT)0.192
9.Sh White (LPM)0.196
10.Rosa (INT)0.212
Runner Advance %
1.T Quandrix (MTG)0.500
2.Cesc (KRA)0.437
3.I Chesterton (LPM)0.425
Vision (LAL)0.425
5.D Do'Urden (MTG)0.420
6.Mr McGrath (CAN)0.397
7.Alexis (KRA)0.365
8.A Curtiss (MIL)0.363
9.Y Naim (TAT)0.346
10.Mickle (PAD)0.336
C Caught Stealing %
1.S Smith (INT)0.200
2.M Lyon (PAD)0.205
3.St Simplicius (TAT)0.232
4.Lier (MTG)0.246
5.P Jackson (BAL)0.261
C Stolen Bases/Game
1.St Simplicius (TAT)1.65
2.M Lyon (PAD)1.11
3.Lier (MTG)0.98
4.Bard (PAD)0.57
5.J Nuisance (CAN)0.53
C Wild Pitches/Game
1.C Boycott (LIS)0.33
2.A Seyfried (SEA)0.23
Hemiunu (APX)0.23
4.Bard (PAD)0.21
5.The Crystalloid Intellect (ARK)0.18
C Defensive Runs Above Position
1.St Simplicius (TAT)-5.2
2.C Boycott (LIS)-2.9
3.M Lyon (PAD)-2.1
4.Lier (MTG)-1.3
5.Bard (PAD)-0.7
1B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.liiias._ (INT)-5.2
2.M Hussey (SJS)-4.2
3.W Rotcleaver (MTG)-4.0
4.Eddie the Eagle (LAL)-2.2
5.2 with-1.8
2B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Sh White (LPM)-12.3
2.F Noordhoff (MIL)-8.1
3.St Agapetus I (TAT)-4.5
4.R-B'nk (ARK)-2.8
5.G Borns (SEA)-2.5
3B Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Ma Vieira (APX)-9.3
2.D Robinson (BAL)-6.0
3.S Richardson (LPM)-4.0
4.D Torres (TAT)-3.5
5.J Fourier (LIS)-2.3
SS Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Agrippa (APX)-7.9
2.V Cunningham (LPM)-6.8
3.To Swift (PAD)-6.7
4.V Didusenko (MIL)-5.3
5.B Mendler (TAT)-3.9
LF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Alexis (KRA)-5.6
Goldberg (TAT)-5.6
3.Mickle (PAD)-4.4
4.JiffPom (INT)-3.5
5.I Technique (VAT)-2.7
CF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.D Do'Urden (MTG)-14.1
2.Iktinos (APX)-8.6
3.El-P (CPT)-6.3
4.SN Bose (LIS)-3.8
5.D McLean (SEA)-1.9
RF Defensive Runs Above Position
1.Vision (LAL)-8.5
2.T Quandrix (MTG)-8.3
3.Cesc (KRA)-4.9
4.D Dunning (LIS)-4.3
5.Mr McGrath (CAN)-2.7

Minimum 1/2 of team games needed to qualify at a position

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