Career Playoff Pitching Losers (before games of day 128/3-5)

Run Average
1.G Merrick (KRA)9.60
2.mythicalchefjosh (INT)9.23
3.D Bramante (MIL)9.20
FDC Willard (PHI)9.20
5.E Lasker (LVG)8.40
P Morphy (LVG)8.40
7.T Baker (LPM-VAT)8.07
8.Grinch (PAD-SAO)8.00
9.B Best (SEA-SAO)7.99
10.2 with7.85
Win-Loss %
1.29 with0.000
Win Probability Added
1.S He (MIL-LAL)-2.940
2.O Voldaren (CPT-MTG-CIR)-2.429
3.Peter (PAD)-2.261
4.R Santorum (ALM)-2.101
5.A Winehouse (SEA-ACT)-2.048
6.Grinch (PAD-SAO)-1.909
7.Djalma Santos (KRA-SJS)-1.896
8.J Clement (SEA-BRU)-1.885
9.T Baker (LPM-VAT)-1.626
10.Eazy-E (CPT)-1.604
Loss Shares
1.M McAleese (BWY-BRU-TER)5.59
2.Emrakul (MTG-SEA)5.37
3.R Baxter (LAL-BAL)4.71
4.JC Cash (SEA-TAT-LAL)4.62
5.Jay-Z (TAT-SEA-CPT)4.59
6.N Sarkozy (TER)4.55
7.Big Boi (GAL-CPT-LAL)4.39
8.A Dufresne (BER-SEA-PIT-KCC)4.38
9.P Anthony (LAL-PAD)4.16
10.T Keller (KCC)4.03
Support-Neutral Losses
1.M McAleese (BWY-BRU-TER)14.21
2.Jay-Z (TAT-SEA-CPT)14.19
3.Lizzo (SEA-LAL)12.40
4.JC Cash (SEA-TAT-LAL)11.09
5.R Baxter (LAL-BAL)10.98
6.O Voldaren (CPT-MTG-CIR)10.86
7.P Anthony (LAL-PAD)10.83
8.Big Boi (GAL-CPT-LAL)10.45
9.St T Aquinas (VAT-CIR)10.39
10.Emrakul (MTG-SEA)10.00
Support-Neutral Value Added
1.S He (MIL-LAL)-2.73
2.Peter (PAD)-1.96
3.O Voldaren (CPT-MTG-CIR)-1.95
4.Djalma Santos (KRA-SJS)-1.93
5.A Winehouse (SEA-ACT)-1.74
6.I Grover (SJS)-1.69
7.B Flay (KCC)-1.52
8.Buscheto (APX)-1.50
T Baker (LPM-VAT)-1.50
10.2 with-1.46
Pitching Runs Above Avg
1.Buscheto (APX)-16.8
2.S He (MIL-LAL)-15.7
3.A Winehouse (SEA-ACT)-12.9
4.R Trahan (APX-TOK)-12.7
5.R Santorum (ALM)-11.7
6.S Karjakin (LVG)-11.4
7.Peter (PAD)-10.7
8.D Bramante (MIL)-10.6
FDC Willard (PHI)-10.6
10.2 with-10.0
1.G Merrick (KRA)2.27
2.2Pac (CPT)2.21
3.R de Coucy (APX)2.09
mythicalchefjosh (INT)2.09
5.David (TAT-CIR)2.04
6.B Spassky (LVG)2.00
7.I Grover (SJS)1.98
8.Taffarel (KRA)1.96
9.C McCormick (IND-PIT)1.95
10.S Maxwell (MIL)1.94
Hits per 9 IP
1.N Hussle (LAL-CPT)15.48
2.I Teper (BRU-ACT)15.38
3.David (TAT-CIR)15.20
4.R de Coucy (APX)14.66
5.A Esfandiari (LVG)14.40
6.M Twain (STA)14.21
7.R Santorum (ALM)14.10
8.D Allman (LAL-SEA)13.96
9.2Pac (CPT)13.90
S Maxwell (MIL)13.90
Walks per 9 IP
1.C McCormick (IND-PIT)12.62
2.doggface208 (INT)8.87
3.B Obama (IND)8.42
4.G Merrick (KRA)8.40
5.T Swift (MIL-SEA)7.84
6.Ed O'Neill (SAO)7.80
7.J Doolittle (LIS-HSC-CAN)7.60
8.Rick (MTG-STR)7.34
9.B Holmes (SJS)7.21
10.2 with7.20
Strikeouts per 9 IP
1.M Richards (LAL)0.70
2.J Dunn (MIL)1.47
3.H Ford (IND)1.50
4.S Eriksdotter (MTG-VAT)1.69
5.S Niinisto (BRU)1.80
6.Creed (LAL)1.82
7.Arthur R (PAD)1.99
8.A Breitbart (BER)2.18
9.B Daniel (SEA)2.28
10.2 with2.36
OPS Against
1.E Lasker (LVG)1.017
2.D Bramante (MIL)1.008
3.R Santorum (ALM)1.002
4.T Baker (LPM-VAT)0.994
5.R de Coucy (APX)0.987
6.S He (MIL-LAL)0.981
I Teper (BRU-ACT)0.981
8.mythicalchefjosh (INT)0.977
9.Peter (PAD)0.975
10.D Mutombo (BAL)0.973
Line Drives per 9 IP
1.I Teper (BRU-ACT)12.65
2.L Brandeis (DOD-BWY)11.43
3.B Spassky (LVG)11.20
4.N Hussle (LAL-CPT)10.87
5.Taffarel (KRA)10.86
6.M Twain (STA)10.66
7.Commodus (SAO)10.61
8.Ra Berry (KCC-SAO)10.42
9.AE van Vogt (BKL)10.40
G Merrick (KRA)10.40
Runs Allowed
1.M McAleese (BWY-BRU-TER)125
2.Jay-Z (TAT-SEA-CPT)117
3.R Baxter (LAL-BAL)103
Lizzo (SEA-LAL)103
5.JC Cash (SEA-TAT-LAL)100
6.O Voldaren (CPT-MTG-CIR)99
7.P Anthony (LAL-PAD)93
Big Boi (GAL-CPT-LAL)93
9.St T Aquinas (VAT-CIR)89
10.Emrakul (MTG-SEA)87
Hits Allowed
1.M McAleese (BWY-BRU-TER)293
2.R Baxter (LAL-BAL)251
3.Lizzo (SEA-LAL)235
4.Jay-Z (TAT-SEA-CPT)232
5.F Pilkington-Miksa (SEA-CIR-VAT)221
6.A Dufresne (BER-SEA-PIT-KCC)204
Big Boi (GAL-CPT-LAL)204
8.St T Aquinas (VAT-CIR)199
9.K Rohrbach (SEA-STR-MIL)197
10.R Flair (STA-KRA)192
1.JC Cash (SEA-TAT-LAL)95
2.K Rohrbach (SEA-STR-MIL)87
3.N Stephenson (SEA-BKL-PIT)86
4.T Swift (MIL-SEA)83
5.A Millan (BRU-SEA)77
6.T Keller (KCC)74
7.H Chavez (SAO-KCC-STR)73
8.A Dufresne (BER-SEA-PIT-KCC)72
Kanye (TAT-CPT-PAD)72
10.2 with71
Line Drives Allowed
1.N Sarkozy (TER)115
2.M Homeworld (SEA-BRU-BWY)99
3.P Maldini (KRA)97
4.M McAleese (BWY-BRU-TER)93
T Halonen (BRU)93
6.R Mitchell-Cardenas (SEA-SAO-OMS)91
7.Br Willis (SAO)90
8.L Mullen Jr. (SEA-KRA)86
9.Bifur (PAD-STR)83
10.Judith (CIR)79
HR Allowed
1.M McAleese (BWY-BRU-TER)55
2.Jay-Z (TAT-SEA-CPT)47
3.Lizzo (SEA-LAL)44
4.R Baxter (LAL-BAL)43
5.Big Boi (GAL-CPT-LAL)42
6.JC Cash (SEA-TAT-LAL)39
7.Emrakul (MTG-SEA)38
8.St Marcellus I (VAT-ARK)32
9.St T Aquinas (VAT-CIR)31
O Voldaren (CPT-MTG-CIR)31
1.M McAleese (BWY-BRU-TER)21
2.P Anthony (LAL-PAD)17
3.St T Aquinas (VAT-CIR)16
4.R Baxter (LAL-BAL)15
5.S van Rijn (MIL-ACT)14
6.Big Boi (GAL-CPT-LAL)13
7.S He (MIL-LAL)12
O Voldaren (CPT-MTG-CIR)12
9.5 with11
Blown Saves
1.Dg Adams (BKL-PIT)7
2.M Connelly (STR)6
S Kuznets (STO)6
X Arien (MTG)6
5.9 with5
Strikeout/Walk Ratio
1.M Richards (LAL)0.12
2.doggface208 (INT)0.27
3.Creed (LAL)0.38
4.R Trahan (APX-TOK)0.41
5.Ed O'Neill (SAO)0.42
6.C McCormick (IND-PIT)0.44
7.C Huggs (PHI)0.45
8.J Gold (LVG)0.46
9.B Obama (IND)0.50
10.I Grover (SJS)0.51
HR per 9 IP
1.D Mutombo (BAL)4.00
D Bramante (MIL)4.00
3.W Pappaconstantinou (INT)3.43
4.S He (MIL-LAL)3.01
5.B Piccard (CAN)2.90
6.R Santorum (ALM)2.82
7.5 with2.80
Reliever %
1.W Scott (ALM)0.250
2.12 with0.333

Minimum 300 innings pitched needed to qualify for rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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